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A free service connecting Australians with the care they need.


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Virtual Reality to Unlock New Dimensions of Aged Care

No one can deny that technology is improving in leaps and bounds. Many of the current applications of new technology centre around operational improvements towards aged care, but dare not venture into territories too unfamiliar. There is an amazing opportunity for providers to explore the applications of virtual reality in care settings, albeit the technology is not quite there yet.

Imagine a scenario where a otherwise mentally sound and capable individual in an aged care fa... Read More

Finding Aged Care in Australia Faster: 4 Tips for Securing Residential Care

The process of finding residential aged care or respite care in Australia can be tedious and frustrating for those who are new to it, but there are some tricks you can use to maximise your chances of successful placement. At a high level the factors which can impact successful placement centre largely around organisation, however utilising correct information regarding current availabilities is also key. Here are a few of our recommedations for securing care quickly when y... Read More

How Australia's Demographics are Shaping Care

With Australia Day coming up we are challenged to think about how we as a nation are reacting to demographic trends within our society. Aged Care is no exception to this introspection, and as the composition of Australia begins to shift so too does the demographic make up of those individuals requiring aged care services. Although Australia still predominantly white, Anglo-saxon and Christian; there are cultural diasporas which are growing to a point now where we will likely begin to see more... Read More

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